Appreciating Others



Gratitiude for our connection with others

Show or tell Other People You Appreciate Them.Bring someone to mind that you care for – what do you appreciate about them.

Acts of appreciation towards others not only makes you feel happy but also makes the other person happy, too, thus strengthening relationships. Today, show as many people as possible that you appreciate them in as many different ways as possible, such as: Saying “thank you” even for small things, such as fixing your lunch or helping you with a chore. Saying “thank you” to the shop assistant, bank teller, and any other person you come into contact with. Complimenting someone on their appearance, attitude or other aspect of their personality or something that they did for you.


One study found that writing gratitude letters is beneficial for both healthy individuals and also those who have mental-health challenges.



Write down the names of individuals you feel gratitude toward, and state why.

Write about a gift you received that you truly appreciate.

Write about five events or experiences you’re thankful for

Write a blessing letter to someone who has changed your life.