I don't have the Time and Setting Boundaries

You can search the whole world for someone more worthy of love than yourself, and you will not find anyone. . . Whoever loves himself will never harm another. The Buddha


Caring for Ourselves & Caring for Others

This week's objectives:

  1. Learn the practice of Loving-Kindness as a practical method for self-care and burnout prevention.

  2. Gain deeper insight into ways of balancing self-care and caring for others in daily life.

  3. Continue to deepen understanding of integrating meditation and the practice of compassion as a resource to cultivate resilience.

A danger when you’re a caregiver is that your life becomes focused on someone else's needs to the exclusion of yours.  If you continually deny your own needs then you run the risk of burnout and ill health.  What is often difficult for carers to take on board is that they need to e responsible for their own mental and physical health as much as for the person for which they are caring.  The expected response is ‘I know that but I don’t have the time.  There may well be very limited time for yourself so it is particularly important that you make good use of the time that you do have..  Some of the practices can be done within minutes or seconds and can quickly lead to a beneficial change in you.

There will often be a nagging thought in your head trying to persuade you that you don’t have enough time, or that makes you feel guilty for taking a break.  Acknowledge these thoughts but put them aside and ensure you do something for yourself each week, no matter how small.

We can be very harsh on ourselves no matter the good we do as carer's


Repeat these phrases

May I be happy and healthy

May I accept myself for all that I am

May I live my life with ease

Repeat theses phrases  a number of times even when it feels difficult a when we are distresses we can start to doubt that we are worthy and deserving of happiness.  You can change the wording to suit your own ideas of generosity kindness and care towards yourself.