'Sandwich' carer to twins with autism and elderly parent,  Founder of London Carer Space

Jasmine first encountered meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition back in 1994 when she was a student at university, but it wasn't until 2006 that she actually began to practice in earnest...when she became a lone parent, and then subsequently, a carer and home-educator of twins with autism.  


Like with many carers, Jasmine found caring a wonderfully fulfilling and joyful experience... but also a very challenging one. At times, she would feel overburdened, debilitated and isolated, and fatigue and stress would set in.  Caring with such intensity around the clock was not sustainable and she knew she would burnout if she did not take care of herself and her children effectively.


Through her Buddhist study & practice, Jasmine discovered experiential, contemplative and skilful methods to care for herself and others. With a regular practice that deepened over time, she was able to recognise that she could heal and transform her suffering and that her own situation was her greatest opportunity for inner growth. She drew inspiration from the teachings of her teacher Sogyal Rinpoche and his spiritual classic the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and the trainings of the Spiritual Care Programme.

Jasmine attended carer and parent support groups for many years and shared and discussed effective ways to apply the tools of mindfulness, awareness and compassion. With an understanding of the limitations and difficulties carers faced, she developed trainings to be directly relevant, meaningful and practical to their lives. Over time, she was approached by a number of charities and organisations to give talks and hold experiential workshops and trainings.


London Carer Space evolved from Jasmine's wish to bring these benefits to carers everywhere. Jasmine is still a full-time carer and continues to work with life's challenges using her practice as her constant guide and support.  She is also a practising portrait artist.